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Achieving Success in English

English is one of the foundational courses taught in schools. English courses at all grade levels develop reading, writing, and critical thinking skills—all of which are vital for success in other classes at all academic levels. A student who struggles in English class will inevitably have difficulties in other courses, so it’s critical to address learning gaps as early as possible.

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Our Subject-Specific Expert Tutors Are Carefully Chosen

At Education Aplus, we understand the impact a great English tutor has on all aspects of a student’s academic life. We have established a set of strict criteria to ensure your student receives instruction from only the best English tutors.

English Experts

Our English tutors are subject matter experts with a deep love of the English language. They are intimately familiar with the English curriculum at all levels and trained to quickly identify where students need the most guidance. Whether it’s basic writing skills, reading comprehension, critical thinking skills, or vocabulary, our tutors can help.


Lifelong Learning

While our English tutors work closely with students to help master course materials, they do much more than teach the curriculum. They also provide the tools students need to become lifelong independent learners.


A Commitment to Excellence

We take tutoring seriously. Only 3% of applicants pass our rigorous hiring process, and all our tutors have earned a bachelor’s degree or higher. We offer our tutors continuous professional development—from subject expansion to specialized certifications—and we continuously evolve our methodology and curriculum to reflect the latest advances in education. In short, you’re getting the best of the best.


How English Tutoring Can Help

English, like any course, builds on concepts that have been taught in earlier grades. Students who did not master earlier concepts have difficulty grasping new, more advanced material. Our English tutors work closely with students and academic advisors to create lesson plans that fill in gaps in student skill sets, revisiting concepts until students fully understand the material. Success in tutoring sessions leads to success in class, which raises student confidence and naturally encourages more attentive learning.


Common English Skills & Concepts To Know

English is a required course at all grade levels up to and including college. Skills learned in English classes include, but are not limited to, the following:

• Essay and report writing
• Research and citation skills
• Vocabulary
• Reading comprehension
• Critical thinking skills

What Sets Our English Tutoring Services Apart

At Education Aplus, we’ve tutored online exclusively for the last decade, meaning our English tutors have a complete understanding of online instruction and the functionality of our virtual classrooms. Online tutoring offers opportunities for students to study in distraction-free environments under the guidance of expert-level tutors. Plus, our flexible tutoring schedule ensures your student can access tutoring sessions anywhere and at any time.


Private Tutoring

Customized 1-on-1 tutoring plan tailored to your specific academic or test prep needs and goals.


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